The Band

ballboy are:

Gordon McIntyre: Guitars, Words, Vocals

Nick Reynolds: Bass Guitar

Gary Morgan: Drums

Alexa Morrison: Keyboards, Piano, Vocals

We are from various places, but really we are from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Albums

We have been releasing albums since 2001 with our debut, Club Anthems 2001.

Our full album listing is as follows:

2001:  Club Anthems 2001

2002:  A Guide for the Daylight Hours

2003:  The Sash My Father Wore and Other Stories

2004:  The Royal Theatre

2008:  I Worked on the Ships

2009:  The Universe for Beginners – a separate project by Gordon under the name Money Can’t Buy Music.

2009:  Midsummer (a play with songs) – companion album to the play, Midsummer, created by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre

2013:  Merry Christmas to the Drunks, Merry Christmas to the Lovers (mini-album)

The Peel Sessions

We have been lucky enough to play 5 sessions for the legendary Mr Peel.

March 2000

(Recorded – Maida Vale)

Essential Wear For Future Trips to Space / I Hate Scotland / Sex Is Boring / Stars & Stripes

February 2002

(Live from Maida Vale)

All The Records On The Radio Are Shite / Avant Guard Music / I Lost You But I Found Country Music / Olympic Cyclist / Where Do The Nights Of Sleep Go When They Do Not Come To Me / They’ll Hang Flags From Cranes Upon My Wedding Day / I Wonder If You’re Drunk Enough To Sleep With Me Tonight

March 2003

(Recorded – Maida Vale)

You Should Fall In Love With Me / The Time Out Guide / I Gave Up My Eyes To A Man Who Was Blind / Nobody Really Knows Anything

December 2003

Live from Peel Acres, with Laura Cantrell

There Are Only Inches Between Us, But There Might As Well Be Mountains And Trees/Past Lovers / A Starry Night / I Lost You, But I Found Country Music (with Laura Cantrell)/ I Still Miss Someone (with Laura Cantrell)

November 2004

Recorded at Maida Vale.

*This session was recorded a few days after John’s death.  We didn’t know if it would go ahead, but the BBC wanted to continue with the planned sessions in tribute to him.  The show was hosted for  a short while by Rob da Bank and the session aired in November of 2004.  I think it’s fair to say that we found this session very difficult.  There wasn’t the usual electricity of a Peel Session, with the exception of our Frankie and Johnny cover which wasn’t part of the session, but was being recorded for a future Lonnie Donegan special.  It features the a single-take recording of the band just going all out for it on a song we just about knew how to play.  I think, by a long way, it’s the best thing to come out of the session and I wish, I wish that he could have had a chance to hear it. – Gordon

We’ve all had better days/ Let’s fall in love and run away from here/ Slow Days/ The Art of Kissing


Frankie and Johnny (for Lonnie Donegan tribute show)

Big shout out to Peelfandom.com which remembers much of this stuff much better than we do!

Theatre work

2008:  Midsummer (a play with songs) created by David Greig and Gordon McIntyre for Traverse Theatre Company

2013:  I’m with the Band for the Traverse Theatre Company – original songs and sound design by Gordon McIntyre

2014:  This Wide Night for Tron Theatre Company – Soundtrack by Gordon McIntyre

2018:  Midsummer (a play with songs) – National Theatre of Scotland for Edinburgh International Festival.