How are you?

Welcome old friends and new. As many of you are keen to remind us, it’s been a while since we put out a new record. There are many reasons for this and maybe we’ll share some of them as we go along, but our new site is here.

In the meantime there are lots of ways you can support us and the good news is that they are all pretty easy.

1. Most important of all – buy don’t stream. Or buy AND stream.

If streaming is most convenient then go ahead, go ahead, but if you want to support more music and shows then head to Bandcamp and throw a wee bit of money our way.

If you spend £1 on bandcamp then we get about 70p. This is roughly equivalent to you listening to a song 400-500 times on Spotify.

2. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and Bandcamp.

We regularly share songs via links and these can all be listened to for free. If you hear something you like then pass it on.

For bookings and the like you can contact:

For everything else you can find us here:

Twitter:  @ballboymusic


3. DO @ us. Get involved – ask us questions.

We do our best to answer and, if we don’t, then @ us again!


ballboy x